Naturism in South Africa


SANNA stands for South African National Naturist Association and is the umbrella body responsible for representing and promoting naturism in South Africa, and naturist tourism in South Africa, internationally.

Who are the provincial naturist associations?

SANNA’s goal is to establish provincial naturist associations in all 9 provinces of South Africa to promote and coordinate naturism in each province. Naturist associations have already been established in three provinces: Gauteng Naturist association (GNA), Kwa Zulu Natal Naturist association (KZNNA) and North West Naturist association (NWNA). You can apply for membership to the provincial naturist association closest to you until such time as an association has been established in your province.

What does INF stand for?

The International Naturist Federation (INF) is the global umbrella organisation representing official national naturist associations like SANNA internationally, and works to promote the benefits of naturism to the general public.

Why become a member of a provincial association?

As a member you become part of the South African naturist family and will receive event invites to regular organized events.

Your naturist experience will be greatly enhanced by becoming a member and you are assured of enjoying naturism with like-minded friends in a safe and healthy naturist environment.

Members also qualify for discounts on accommodation at events, free meals and much more. Some resorts offer special discounts on camping and day visitor fees.

Your membership fees will also help SANNA to promote naturist tourism and to contribute to the growth of naturism by making it more accessible to the public trough the establishment of official naturist beaches.

All provincial naturist associations fall under the SANNA umbrella. As SANNA is an INF member you will automatically receive an INF number which will also appear on your membership card. This means you will be welcome to visit more than a thousand INF affiliated resorts and clubs world-wide as an INF member.

How do I apply for membership?

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