Concerns about Naturism

I am self-conscious about my body.

There is no need to feel self-conscious about your body in a naturist environment. Naturists come in all shapes and sizes and people accept you as you are. Most first-timers adjust to social nudity in a matter of minutes and discover it’s not nearly as big a deal as they thought it would be. No one will stare at you or judge your appearance. You will soon get used to being surrounded by other naked people and forget that you are not wearing clothes. Just have fun and enjoy the experience!

Is naturism appropriate for children?

Naturism is a healthy activity for the whole family. Children are natural naturists and benefit greatly from a relaxed attitude to nudity from an early age. If you teach your children that nudity is natural and their bodies are not something to be ashamed off they will learn to respect their bodies and develop a positive body image. Children should always be under the supervision of their parents, nude or clothed, and should never be forced to take their clothes off if they don’t want to

Isn’t nudity sexual?

Contrary to popular opinion and social conditioning, nudity in its natural state is not sexual, and naturist resorts are not sexualised environments. As naturists we understand that nudity and sex are two different things and should be kept separate. Sex is a normal, healthy part of life, but should be enjoyed by consenting adults in private.

What if I get an erection?

This doesn’t often happen as naturist resorts are not sexually charged environments. If it does happen lie on your stomach or cover yourself with a towel and focus on whatever else you are doing until your erection subsides.

Is nudity legal in South Africa?

Public nudity is prohibited and it is seen by law as “indecent exposure”. This does not mean you can’t be nude in the privacy of your own home and private backyard, or any other appropriate public place like a naturist beach or resort. The key is to respect other people’s beliefs and not to offend. Enjoy your naturist activities in private and stay out of the sight of your neighbors and the general public.

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